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Student discount cards identify you as a student and help you receive the discount to which you’re entitled when you travel. Students are taken care of around the world by receiving small discounts at museums, a few select restaurants, airlines, railways and other forms of transportation. If you decide to travel while your studying years, take advantage of the great deals offered to students around the world.

Student Travel – What’s a Student?

You would think the definition would be obvious, but many organizations have strict rules about what constitutes a student. In order to receive discounts, most establishments require you be a full-time student enrolled in a university or similar institution. This simply means you study most of the time and don’t have time to hold a job, hence the student discount.

Other variable requirements include age. Even if you’re a full-time college student, many companies will question your discount if you’re over the age of 25. Similarly you usually must be at least 18 for many deals. Always have proof of your enrollment status, such as your student ID card, when you travel. Many places require proof of your student status, and you never know when a new discount could be lurking around the corner.

The Best Student Discount Cards

Strapped for cash? Students tend to be in that position! Fortunately many retailers and companies across the world are willing to lend you a hand while you fill your brain with knowledge.

A great way for U.S. students to save cash is to get a Student Advantage card. This little discount card costs only about $20 per year and entitles you to tons of discounts as many different stores, travel agencies and more. Best of all, you get a percentage off Amtrak rail tickets and Greyhound bus tickets. Those are two great ways to save a nice chunk of cash each time you travel.

Located in the UK? There’s a great student discount service that offers you deals on everything from pizza to clothes and even lets you jump ahead of the queue getting into nightclubs!

Student Discount Cards

The International Student Identity Card and the ISE Card both offer students discounts on hotels, flights, museums and much more, both nationally and internationally.

The ISE Card offers discounts on rental cars, guided tours, zoo and park admission, flights and rail travel. It also offers limited medical benefits and an international emergency service, so you’re never out of touch with someone who can help.

The ISI Card also offers international benefits for students. A robust discount search engine lets you specify which type of ISI card you hold and which country you will be traveling. Get a list of participating businesses in that country to help plan your adventure.

Travel Times and Flights

Unfortunately for students, or maybe even because of them, the busiest and most expensive travel times of the year are at the same time school is out. For this reason, always buy your tickets well in advance. Planning two or months ahead of time will let you avoid any hefty fees associated with procrastination.

Most student travel discount cards offer price breaks on ground travel. Getting discounts on air travel is usually handled through the airlines themselves. Check their website or ask the clerk about student discounts.

When searching for flights, the best student travel deals can be found at Student Universe. You can fly from New York to London for unbelievable prices, and finding cheap flights within Europe or the United States is just as easy.

Other Student Travel Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to ask someone if they offer student discounts. Movie theaters, classy restaurants, pubs and even department stores often have substantial discounts for students.
  • Always carry your student ID with you. You never know when an establishment offers student discounts.

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