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Now that everyone seems to have 1,001 things to do every day, finding the best ways to manage tasks could be the secret to a happier, less frantic life. Though even the best ways to manage tasks won’t help if you truly have too many things on your to-do list, it’s a start. If you’re still overwhelmed, take a harder look at your list and see if there is anything that can be cut out or delegated to others.

1. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk allows you to be reminded of anything, anywhere, and in several different ways. You can use it on your computer, on your cell phone, and even on Twitter. You can receive emails that remind you to do things. You can even put your tasks on a map so that you can visit the necessary places in the order that makes the most sense. In addition, you can use the program to remind your friends or significant other to do the things on their own to-do lists. The initial program is free, but if you want to do extra things like sync up your phone list and your online list, you’ll need a pro account, which you’ll have to pay for.

Website: Remember the Milk

Price: $0


2. Gmail

Gmail received 30 of 30 points in Slate.com’s comparison based on minimalism, completeness, and compatibility. It earned points because it’s easy to switch between to-do lists and you can add tasks straight from the emails that come in. It’s also unobtrusive, a small box in the corner of your screen when you log in to your Gmail.

Website: Gmail

Price: $0

3. ToDoist

ToDoist (and WeDoist for groups with shared projects) is simple to use and allows you to get a day-to-day look at your tasks or an overview. Hierarchies allow you to manage the details without cluttering up the screen or the basic list. Data is backed up hourly, so you don’t have to worry too much about losing your lists, and the site is also secure, so there are no concerns about anyone having access to your notes and plans. Integrate your Gmail, get mobile access, receive reminders, and more. ToDoist received 20 of 30 possible points at Slate.com. The program is free.

Website: ToDoist

Price: $0

4. Yada Home iPhone app

This app allows you to manage and prioritize. You can organize your calendar and schedule events quickly and easily, even if they’re recurring (only add them once), keep a running to-do list that allows you to separate family, personal, work, and school obligations, then add due dates and more. In addition, you can keep grocery lists and other shopping lists in a separate part of the app. The app is free, but there are premium features that you can add, such as Google Calendar Import, email alerts, family chat/message center, online back up, and more.

Website: Yada Home iPhone app

Price: $0


5. Traditional day planner

Sometimes amidst all the chaos, it helps to slow down, take a minute, and think about everything that has to be done. Make your planner small enough to be easy to transport. You may even find that by writing down the tasks, you’re less likely to forget to do them, even if you don’t have your planner on you at all times. In addition, sometimes it’s easier to brainstorm with pen and paper than with a phone app, for example, where it takes a while to type everything in.

Price: $15

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