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Pickup Lines

The best pickup lines are often the ones that are natural and friendly, not cheesy and contrived. Pickup lines like “Baby, can I see your tag? Because I think you were made in heaven!” are for losers and middle schoolers. If you’re looking for a pickup line that just might work to get you that first date or even the relationship of your dreams, check out the list of winners below.

1. “Hi, my name is ___.”

It’s friendly, to the point, and not cheesy.

2. “What do you like about Product X? I’m thinking of getting one.”

Asking for someone’s expert advice makes them feel important. Just be sure you really do intend to buy a new briefcase, iPod, running shoes, etc. or s/he will see right through you.


3. “Pardon me, is this seat taken?”

This works at large gatherings like weddings, clubs, and crowded restaurants. This is a good one to use in a new city because you don’t need to have mutual friends and you’re bound to find plenty of opportunities where you can try it out.

4. “Can I buy you a drink/coffee?”

This is a simple offer with no ambiguity.

5. “Isn’t John/Jane great?”

This line is best for a party of some sort where you are likely to know mutual people.


6. “Can you help me with ___?”

Similar to #2, if you really need the help, people are usually happy to give it. It also gives you an opening to start a longer conversation.

7. “You have a great smile.”

If nothing else, you’ll get a bigger smile!

8. “Would you like to join me in ____?”

This works if you are with a large group, doing an activity. Ask the person to join your volleyball game or poker game. It involves the person and gives you a central topic of conversation around which to get to know each other.


9. “I love your ___!”

Flattery usually works, but only if you’re sincere.

10. “So, do you think pickup lines work?” or “Do you know any good pickup lines?”

Yes, this pick up line is a bit cheesier than the others, but can work in the right setting and with a person who has a good sense of humor.

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