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Determining the best cities for singles will ultimately depend on your personal needs and preferences. Generally speaking, the best cities for singles should have a higher quantity of unattached individuals and many opportunities for potential partners to meet. Additionally, whether a city is best for you as a single adult will also depend on what you are looking for in a potential mate. Most young people are singles, but there is a growing force of older and divorced singles as well. How you hope to meet other singles is another important factor; would you rather connect on the ski slopes or at a local nightclub? Finally, in evaluating these best cities for singles, the job opportunities, cost of living, and the diversity of the population must also be considered.

1. Denver – Boulder Area, Colorado


The Denver and Boulder areas have long held top positions in the Forbes Best Cities for Singles report. The popularity of this city for singles is largely due to a great mix of ages within the unmarried population. It also tops the charts for cost of living and active online singles. The area itself is known for a friendly outdoor style and a large diversity of singles’ meeting places, not just your standard bar scene. Additionally, the state of Colorado has been rated one of the healthiest states in the union, leading to a strong vigorous community of single adults.

2. Austin, Texas

Coming out strong in the Forbes Best Cities for Singles report, landing a spot in the top ten most of the last six years, Austin is the large city with the most number of singles. Also rated as Sperling’s best place for younger daters, Austin is known for its youthful fun-loving community. In particular, Austin is a place with great job opportunities, making it an attractive spot for singles looking to move and find a mate. The city also offers a variety of different locales known for the ages and types of singles they attract.


3. Boston, Massachusetts

Another top ten winner in the Forbes report, Boston held the number one spot before Denver’s rise in popularity. Forbes did honor Boston with the Best Culture ranking of any major metro area and it made the top ten at [email protected]’s online survey. The city has a heavy college influence with the 2006 census reporting 50% of the total city unmarried. Online dating is strong with a large population of active Internet users.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

Falling within the Forbes top ten for most of the last six years and earning a first place rank on [email protected]’s visitor survey for two years, Atlanta is the place for true Southern style romance. Steady growth and affordability, along with an expanding sense of energized community, has helped Atlanta gain a high score in the coolness factor.

5. San Francisco Bay Area, California

If only it was more affordable, San Francisco could easily move up to a top spot on most of the best cities for singles reports. Even with the high cost of living and slow job market, this city still has had a good ranking on the Forbes report over most of the past six years and fell within the top in the [email protected] survey. A casual upbeat metro area with loads of single professionals, it offers outstanding dining among a charming and romantic atmosphere.


6. New York City, New York


How could you not find someone to love in one of the most populated cities on earth? If you can stand the competition, this is the largest market for singles within a large active culture. Struggling with many of the factors of any large city, New York has found a spot on the Forbes report’s top ten a few times over the past. However, in order to succeed in the love hunt here, you are going to need a strong spirit, both on the streets and in the bars. If you have the internal drive, you will be rewarded with a large population representing diverse cultures and one of the hottest online dating scenes.

7. Los Angeles, California

Along the same lines as San Francisco and New York, Los Angeles is a magnet for aspiring singles. The larger population provides more opportunities for both younger and older daters to find a match. Along with this advantage, comes the disadvantage of a higher cost of living, which is a particular struggle for single incomes. Most singles in LA will find themselves sharing apartments, transportation, and even the cost of dates. With a reputation for beautiful sexy people, Los Angeles has made the top ten in both the Forbes and [email protected] reports over the past few years.

8. Washington – Baltimore Area, Maryland

Due to the large population of single citizens, the Washington, D.C. area has earned a top ten spot on the Forbes report most of the last six years. A city with a high concentration of single interns and upwardly mobile politicians, the dynamic dating scene has an aura of promise.


9. San Diego, California

With San Diego as the third California area to make the best cities for singles at LoveToKnow, it would be natural to assume that California is a strong state for single living. Enjoying a top ten spot at Forbes and a top ranking at Sperling’s, the San Diego dating scene is high in diversity. Including a range of ethnicities and cultures, this city also offers an assortment of recreational opportunities.

10. Raleigh – Durham, North Carolina

Earning a top spot at Forbes and Sperling’s best places for young daters, this area, known as the Triangle, is high in young singles. A University driven city, the Triangle has an active dating scene both on the town and online.

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